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Friends We Met
Ray & Dorothy Hackworth
Albert & Dorothy Pate
Joyce Boucher
Ludlow Keeney
Left Robert Gibson, Ludlow & Carol Keeney, Virginia Phillips
Right Jane Gibson, Allen & Joyce Boucher, Tom Phillips
Left Deborah, Albert & Dorothy Pate, Alison Weigant
John & Janice Ackerman, Jeff Weigant
Albert Pate, Allen Boucher, Jane Gibson, Carol Keeney, Tour Guide Eta
Mrs. Dorothy Bailey
Bill and Kathleen
Malcolm and Michie Vinje
Kathleen, Bill, Alison, Jeff, Michie, Malcolm and Janice
Ken Sidney Australia
Steve and Teresa
What time did we go to bed last night Ken and Terressa
Janice and Kelly
Steve and Teresa
Janice and Alison
Janice, Teresa and Alison
Dinner with Staff Captain
Steve and Teresa
Just one kiss 
Tracey and John
Ken and Mary
Seabourn Satans
The Kiss
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