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Page 6
Corfu, Greece
My Rudder is Bigger than Your Rudder
Lunch Deck Rear of Ship
Triton Docking at Corfu
Security at Corfu
Someone Wakeup the Guy on the Right!
Palace from 1861
Check out the Light Pole
God of Prosperity and Royal Bottle Opener
Greek God Aretosmallamous
Statue of Man with No Head and Missing Leg
Entitled "Lucky"
Palace of Queen Bla Bla Bla
Prince Philip was Born Here
Blood Donors
I give you the Finger Greek Style!
The Ugly One in the Middle is Half Price!
Your the Only one that has meant anything to me!
Stomp that lousy mosquito!
Lets all Sing "Tip Toe Thru the Tulips ...."
Zorba Kiss me where I am highest when I am picking potatoes.
1-2-3 La Conga
Cathedral to the Queen Mary or Virgin Mary, Something like That?
Fortress in Corfu
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