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Around the ship
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Room Service
Morning Glories
Nadia "Even Money Chicky, Chicky, Chicky"
Just give me your money and you can go to bed early!
Tracey Onley
Playing to a packed house
If you can dance here you can dance anywhere
Mark Price, Dan Hodge, and Diane Ball
Diane Ball
Mark Price Aka Harry Conick Jr
Tug coming to take us out
Drive in Movies
Just Desert
For our white wine today we will be drinking a white wine, any questions?
Decklan Ryan
Joel and Charlie
Mal thinking about how Harry the Magician did that trick
Dan Hodge
Harry putting wife in trunk
Harry coming out of trunk
Bread Stick anyone?
Kathleen and Mark Price
Cha-Wa-Wa, Dan, and Bop
Bob and Jane Gibson
Ooh, I'm Good
The crew
Cabin Stewardess
Page 9