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Navplion and Mycenae
Entrance to be hive tomb Height of door is at least 21 feet
Ceiling of beehive tomb Height inside is probably 60 feet or better
Inside looking at door to outside
Entrance to the ancient city of Mycenae 1300bc note lions at top of gate
Shaft Graves were the gold mask of Agamemmonj was found
Tour guide explaining about graves
Navplion Fort built 16th century 900 steps to the top
Can you see anything from up there!
Stairs to top of battlement
They must have been really mad at him
Ladies room is at the top of the stairs
Malcolm climbing stairs, Janice at bottom
George Carlin
George Carlin with Fan Club
Navplion side walk restuarants
House wine
Square with outdoor restaurants
Filming a commercial
With Eye brows like this you don't need a visor
I charge you 9000 service was terrible ok
Local wine, losing sight in my left eye
Ok if you don't like I have him break your arm
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