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Page 2
Friends We Met
Hazel Watson, Maryann  & Mark Kuroki and Janice
Maryann, Guy Trying to Pick her up , Janice Ackerman
Far Right Sean Watson
I am in charge of security and I am going to have to search you
Maryann Kuroki, Jack Tuker
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.
Sean Watson
Why is he taking my picture?
Bill Trosclair
Bill & Janice
Janice & John
Janice, Bill & Barbara
Bill & Barbara Trosclair
Hazel Watson & Maryann Kuroki
Janice Ackerman, Hazel Watson, and Maryann Kuroki
Mark Kuroki
Maryann & Helen
Robert and Hazel Watson
Hazel and Sean Watson
Janice & John Ackerman
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