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Venice Italy
Leaving Logan
Taxi ride to hotel
Views from Grand Canal
Saint Mark Square
Bridge of Sighs
Gondola's on Grand Canal
Feeding the Pigeon's
You call it art. I call it two fat people doing it!
I see you
Mask Maker
Never hire an Italian to build a tower!
Realto Bridge
Rest Stop by Realto Bridge
Battle of the Bands
Think she knows what pigeons do after they eat?
Duck your head
Antique windows at Danelli Hotel
Bride & Groom Wedding Day
I'm gonna getcha!
Lunch at the Danielli
Gondola's on Grand Canal
Trivia Question
Where would you find this stain glass window
Click Picture for Answer
  1. Palace in Saint Marks Square
  2. Church in Saint Marks Square
  3. Men's Room Danelli Hotel
  4. Glass Factory on Murano Island
Bridge of Sighs
Taxi Picking Us Up
Seabourn Ledgen
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